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Regulations, policies and procedures

The RANZCP Fellowship Program is governed by a set of regulations, policies and procedures that make up the RANZCP Fellowship Regulations 2012.

The regulations define the broad structure of the program and are complemented by policies and procedures, which provide the specific rules and detail of the Fellowship Program requirements

RANZCP trainees are responsible for understanding the requirements of all regulations, policies and procedures underpinning the Fellowship Program.

The RANZCP Fellowship Regulations 2012 have been split into a number of distinct chapters. This is an interim solution necessitated by the growing number of documents. These chapters should assist in making the regulation, policy and procedure content more accessible for DOTs, supervisors and trainees.

As before, the document numbers are for internal use only. Finalised document numbers and revamped, user-friendly chapters will be available once the majority of regulations, policies and procedures have been developed and approved.

Please view the Links and Forms page for more information regarding 2003 Fellowship Program regulations. 

RANZCP would like to hear your feedback on the new interim chapters and how they work for you. Please contact us at +61 (0)3 9640 0646 or

.Overview [PDF; 623 KB]

  • Minimum time requirement to achieve Fellowship
  • Division of training into three stages
  • Ethics and conduct in training
  • College-established areas of practice

.Administration [PDF; 1.1 MB]

  • Registration for entry to the training program
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Break in training
  • Leave and interruptions to training
  • Part-time training
  • Credit for training
  • Admission to Fellowship
  • Training exit and re-entry
  • Reviews and appeals
  • Indemnity
  • Privacy and confidentiality

.Progression [PDF; 794 KB]

  • Progression through training
  • Targeted learning plans
  • Failure to progress

.Training [PDF; 1.1 MB]

  • Formal education course
  • Stage 1 requirements
  • Stage 2 requirements
  • Stage 3 requirements
  • Workplace-Based Assessments
  • Entrustable Professional Activities
  • In-Training Assessment report

.Psychotherapy Written Case [PDF; 699 KB]

.Scholarly Project [PDF; 702 KB]

.Examinations [PDF; 876 KB]

  • Written exams
  • OSCE
  • Special consideration
  • Examination incident report and breach review

.Accreditation [PDF; 598 KB]

.Transition [PDF; 711 KB]

 Glossary [PDF; 147 KB]