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Admission to Fellowship – overseas specialists

RANZCP coat of arms on stained glass windowUpon completion of all Specialist Pathway requirements and completion of verification of both primary and specialist qualifications, specialist international medical graduate (SIMG) candidates are eligible to apply for Fellowship of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP).

RANZCP Fellowship application documentation

SIMG candidates are required to submit the SIMG application for Fellowship form and pay the application fee.  The fee covers the administration costs (checking of training records, financial status, checking of registration details etc.) associated with the process. 

At the time of application, SIMG candidates are required to sign a declaration in the SIMG application for Fellowship form that they are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency in Australia or Medical Council of New Zealand in New Zealand to cover the entire Fellowship ratification process, and have obtained verification of their primary and specialist psychiatry qualifications. 

Verification of qualifications should include the primary and all specialist qualifications that constitute the SIMG candidate's highest specialist psychiatry qualification in their country of qualification. The RANZCP SIMGE team can check the verification of qualifications via the AMC portal. 

Submission of RANZCP Fellowship application

All RANZCP Fellowship application documentation can be submitted to the RANZCP SIMGE team via email ( or fax (+61 03 9642 5652), by the closing date of the next possible Education Committee meeting.

Applications will not be processed if there is any outstanding documentation on the closing date; this is the responsibility of the SIMG candidate.

RANZCP Fellowship ratification process

When the RANZCP Fellowship application is confirmed as complete by the SIMGE team then the application is submitted to the College legal officer for review and then to the Education Committee for approval.

Following Education Committee approval, the RANZCP Membership Services team sends out Fellowship declarations and requests for pro rata Fellowship subscriptions. The Membership Services team confirm receipt of subscriptions and declarations and the names of the Fellowship applicants are submitted to the RANZCP Board for approval. Finally, once the RANZCP Board has approved admission to RANZCP Fellowship, the Membership Services team issue certificates.

The Fellowship ratification process will take approximately six (6) weeks.