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Membership Engagement Committee

Reporting directly to the RANZCP Board, the Membership Engagement Committee provides a focal point within the RANZCP for considering and recommending policies and systems for effectively engaging with the membership, increasing the value of College membership and ensuring feedback from members is appropriately addressed.

The MEC serves as a conduit between the Board and the wider College membership, providing advice and guidance to the Board that reflects the views of the membership.

Membership Engagement Committee Regulations [PDF; 45 KB]


The Chair of the Membership Engagement Committee is Prof David Castle. Contact the committee at


The Membership Engagement Committee comprises:

  • A Board Director (chair)
  • An additional Board Director may be appointed by the President in consultation with the Board. The term will be for 12 months and will be reviewed in May of each election year.
  • Fellows x 5 (appointed by the Board from a pool of nominees from the Fellowship)
  • Chair, Journals Committee
  • Chair, Member Welfare Committee
  • A Fellow representing the Section of Early Career Psychiatrists
  • A Fellow representing the Section of Private Practice Psychiatry
  • A Trainee representative
  • An Overseas Trained Psychiatrist representative


The Membership Engagement Committee is responsible for:

  • Strategic oversight of member engagement strategies including:
    • reporting on member engagement statistics and membership trends
    • monitoring and reporting on member benefits
    • reviewing feedback processes.
  • Delivering member welfare and support programs for Fellows, trainees, Affiliate Members and Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs).
  • Improving member awareness of College activities and priorities by:
    • improving communications to the membership
    • collaborating with and providing advice to other Committees on specific projects
    • supporting orientation and new member information.
  • Strategic oversight of College events including, where appropriate:
  • Annual scheduling and hosting allocations for Congress, Faculty and Section events
  • Approving policies and guidelines to support Congress and other events where required.
  • Providing appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of members’ contributions and achievements through member recognition and award programs.
  • Ensuring College publications, especially journals, deliver value and are relevant to members.
  • Supporting broader member recruitment and retention activities.
  • Oversight of operational membership processes including:
    • making recommendations to the Board in relation to Confidential Membership Matters, conferral of Honorary Fellowships and International Corresponding Membership applications
    • reviewing administrative guidelines and policies.
  • Identifying and managing risks associated with the Committee, in accordance with the College Risk Management Policy, and for reporting high level risks to the Corporate Governance and Risk Committee.

Constituent committees

  • Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Journals Committee
  • Member Welfare Committee

►Details of these committees can be found on the Committees page.